Title 1 Schoolwide information

LaMoure School is a K-8 Schoolwide Title 1 school. The LaMoure Colony School is targeted Title 1. This page will be updated with the updated Schoolwide Plan, PTO minutes, and other information necessary for parent updates and notices of meetings.

LaMoure District Profile –> http://www.dpi.state.nd.us/dpi/reports/profile/

What is Title 1?

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ND DPI website for Title 1 Resources — > http://www.dpi.state.nd.us/title1/resources.shtm

2013-2014 Schoolwide plan –>

Spring 2013 Annual Review Meeting Minutes –>

PTO Meeting Minutes –>

504 Information — > http://www.dpi.state.nd.us/504/index.shtm

What research tells about the importance of Parent Involvement:

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