Weekly Activity Sheet


Detention: Mrs. Lebahn

MONDAY, JAN. 20:                        Black Day                                        

Jr. High Boys Basketball at Oakes at 4:30 – bus leaves at 3:15 – dismiss at 3:00

FCCLA at 6:30

FFA at 7:30

TUESDAY, JAN. 21:                       Red Day                                                       

Choice Ready meeting at 7:45

Jr. High Boys Basketball with Ellendale in Marion at 4:30

GBB/BBB with Midkota here starting at 4:30 with the B Squads – Girls Varsity and Boys Varsity to follow

TICKETS:  Mr. & Mrs. Just 3:45   CONCESSIONS:  Speech Team

LEA will be selling Fry-bread

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 22:                Black Day                                                    

Innovations meeting at 7:45

5th grade meeting at 3:30 in the conference room

THURSDAY, JAN. 23:                    Red Day                                                                               

SMART Lab meeting at 7:45

Wrestling Tri-Meet in Lisbon at 6:00 – Lisbon vs EEK, EEK vs LLM,  Lisbon vs LLM – bus leaves at 4:00

Girls Basketball with EKM here at 6:00

TICKETS:  Mrs. Glynn, Mrs. Carlson  5:15          CONCESSIONS: Charlie, Kyreece, Jeremiah

FRIDAY, JAN. 24:                           Black Day     Day #1          

PTO Board member meeting at 7:30 in the conference room

Wrestling Tournament in Lisbon at 5:00 – team leaves at 2:00 – dismiss at 1:45

Boys Basketball at Ellendale at 6:00 – bus leaves at 4:15


Speech at North Sargent – team leaves at 7:00

Wrestling Tournament at Lisbon at 9:30 – bus leaves at 7:00

Jr. High Boys Basketball Jamboree in Kindred 8:00 – bus leaves at 6:00 – 7th grades plays at                           9:00 and 11:00 – 8th grades plays at 8:00 and 10:00

Varsity Girls Basketball with Kindred at Jamestown University at 12:00 – bus leaves at 10:00

Boys Basketball with Glenburn here at 2:00 (B & A)

TICKETS:  Mr. and Mrs. Bowman 1:15   CONCESSIONS: Kaley, Sammi, Mariyah


Detention: Mr. Haugen

MONDAY, JAN. 13:                        Red Day                                           

Standards Based Grading Assembly at 5:30 in the south gym

Girls Basketball at Lisbon at 4:45 (C,B,A) – bus leaves at 3:20- dismiss at 3:05

TUESDAY, JAN. 14:                       Black Day                                                    

Mrs. Shockman will be in Bismarck

Boys Basketball Barnes County Tournament in Valley City – LLM play Milnor-NS at 4:30 –                                bus leaves at 2:00 – dismiss at 1:45

Wrestling Quad at Kindred starting at 6:00 – bus leaves at 3:00 – team dismissed at 2:40

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 15:                Red Day                                                       

Bookmobile will be here from 9:00-1:00

Josten’s will deliver sophomore class rings over the noon hour

THURSDAY, JAN. 16:                    Black Day                                                                            

MTSS meeting at 7:45

Colony Library/Music/Counseling from 9:30-11:15

Cloverleaf 4-H at 3:30 in room 200

Boys Basketball Barnes County Tournament continues – bus leaves at TBA

FRIDAY, JAN. 17:                           Red Day        Day #2          

HS IEP at 3:30 in the conference room

Jr. High Boys Basketball with EKM in Marion at 4:30

Boys Basketball Barnes County Tournament concludes – bus leaves at TBA


Jr. Varsity Wrestling Tournament in Carrington at 9:00 – team leaves at 5:45 a.m.

Speech Meet in Linton – team leaves at 6:15

Varsity Girls Basketball at BCN at 4:00 – bus leaves at 1:45

4-H Activity Day all day at LaMoure School



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