High School Syllabus


1.) Flag Football

2.) Capture the Flag

3.) Soccer/Kickball



1.) Volleyball

2.) Basketball

3.) Badminton

4. Flickerball




1.) Softball/baseball

2.) Bowling


Other Activities:

1.)  Pinball

2.) Wiffleball

3.) Broomball/ Skating ( weather permitting )

4. Weightlifting


Grading System: Daily Grade  25 pts.

5  Points        On time for class – dressed ready to go

5  Points         Dressed appropriate for class  ( clean clothes and Polar strap )

5  Points         Attitude/ Behavior

10   Points      Effort Grade   ( which is determined by the Heart Monitors )


*** Students misses a PE class ( excused or unexcused ) must make PE up to receive grade for that day.

*** Exceptions – Doctor’s note or Medical exception. Will except a Coaches note if they are unable to practice. If a students is able to participate in a activity they will be required to participate in PE class.

*** Can make class up by going to the fitness center before school or after school and using a thumb drive to record their workout on the exercise bikes.

*** It will be up to the Teachers judgement as to how many exceptions a student can use. Some may have to be made up or they may be assigned a report on the activity playing.

*** All activities will generally run 4 to 5 weeks ( 12 or 13 classes).

*** We may not get to all these activities but this is a rough guide of what we will be doing in PE!

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