Math Academy

Daily Grade – one grade given per week – average of computer assignment grades.


Behavior/On task Grade – one grade given per week – if student isn’t using time wisely, or talking too much, he/she is docked points – so if student isn’t getting 100% in this column, it’s because of one of those two reasons.


Notes Taken Grade- 100% given if student is using paper and showing work.

Weekly average counts for 60%, time on task/behavior 20%, notes taken 20%.

REMINDER:  If you are NOT getting a daily grade in because of working too slow, student should work on program in SRB and give me his/her scores!  THANKS!

Math 7

Daily Power Ups – Any grades below an 80%…. should be redone.

LATE assignments:  Students will receive a 0%.

Reminder:  The internet is a valuable tool!!  Also, I’m here at 8:00 a.m. if students need help or a place to work, stop in my room.

Any students not done with homework for the day may stay after and work with me.

Question of the Week!

7th graders- What is the GCF of 1,000,000 and 52,000?

8th graders- Write and expression for the cost of Sammy’s phone bill in the following sentences:

If Sammy pays $28 per month on his land line, plus an additional $0.28 per minute he talks on the phone.  How much would Sammy’s bill be if he talked for 4 hours long distance?

Also, what is the expression for his bill?

8th Earth- Have you found a household item with minerals in it?