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LaMoure Public School:    COVID – 19 Update:

With school fast approaching with the first day of school on August 20th, there are quite a few questions that students, parents, patrons, etc… may have.   Governor Burgum gave a roadmap to school districts last week for school to open and some basic guidelines that schools must adhere to.

The LaMoure School has assembled a “back to school” team that is laying the roadmap for this to occur.  The team has met once and is again meeting this week.  It is in anticipation that this framework can get out to the public soon.   The full plan when finished, will be published on the school website and Facebook page.   We will also supply information and documents in the LaMoure Chronicle and back to school newsletter.

It is our goal to have all students attend school when school is open on August 20th.  One of the criteria set forth by Governor Burgum is to give all students and parents, the choice of distance or virtual learning during the school year that is supplied by each school district.  If you are anticipating or planning on having your student participate in distance or virtual learning, please contact the LaMoure Public School so proper planning can occur.

The NDHSAA has also set forth some guidelines last Friday for school activities. Planning will also take place for those to occur.

We will see you soon!

Mr. Mitch Carlson





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