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                                                LAMOURE WEEKLY BULLETIN #6

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18:                Black Day                                                                      

Monitor Strategic Grades 1-6

Jr. High/JV Football at Enderlin at 4:30 pm                                 Dismiss – 2:45 pm   Leave – 3:00 pm

DC Trip Parent Meeting at 6:00 pm (STEM Lab)

Coronation at 7:30 pm

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19:               Red Day                                  

Grades 2 & 3 Standards PLC – 3:25 pm to 3:45 pm (Conference Room)

XC Meet at Casselton at 4:00 pm                                                 Dismiss – 1:15 pm   Leave – 1:30 pm

HOME Elementary Volleyball vs. Lisbon at Litchville at 4:30 pm               

HOME Volleyball vs. Carrington at 4:30 pm (C,B,A)

Tickets:  Sally & Kari                                   Concessions:  Corbin, Zack, Drevon

DC Trip Parent Meeting at 6:00 pm (STEM Lab)

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20:         Black Day

Mrs. Shockman in Jamestown

LLBB to Town at 12:30 pm

High School Meeting at 3:30 pm (Room 221)

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21:             Red Day                                                               

Kindergarten IEP at 3:00 pm (Conference Room)

4th Grade Speech IEP at 3:15 pm (Conference Room)

2nd Grade IEP at 3:25 pm (Conference Room)

4th Grade IEP at 3:45 pm (Conference Room)

HOME Elementary Volleyball vs. Oakes at Litchville at 4:30 pm

HOME Jr. High Volleyball vs. E/K at 4:30 pm

                                                                        Concessions:  Madilynn & Amber

Volleyball at Central Cass at 5:00 pm (C,B,A)                            Dismiss – 2:15 pm   Leave – 2:30 pm  

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22:                   Black Day                                 Day #2

4th Grade IEP at 8:00 am (Conference Room)

HOMECOMING Football vs. North Prairie at 7:00 pm

Tickets:  Sheila & Sheila                             Concessions:  Jake, Arthur, Michael


Jr. High Volleyball Jamboree at Gwinner at 8:40 am                                                     Leave – 7:15 am

JV Volleyball Tournament at LaMoure at 9:00 am

XC Blue and White Meet at Valley City at 11:00 am                                                     Leave – 9:00 am