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                                                LAMOURE WEEKLY BULLETIN #13

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 6:                     Black Day                                                                      

WR Begins

Monitor Intensive Grades 1-6                   

Elementary BBB at BCN at 4:30 pm                                 Dismiss – 2:55 pm   Leave – 3:00 pm  

Volleyball Region Tourney at Ellendale – 2nd Game (25 Minutes after the 3:00 pm Game)

                                                                                                Dismiss – 1:45 pm   Leave – 2:00 pm  

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7:                   Red Day                                  

MTSS Meeting at 7:45 am (Conference Room)

Student Council Meeting at 8:00 am (Room 102)

Volleyball Region Tourney at Ellendale – TBD

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8:             Black Day

Elementary Staff Meeting at 8:00 am (STEM Lab)

Grades K-6 Veteran’s Day Program Practice at 9:00 am (Old Gym)

Juniors and Seniors Career and Trade Fair at Jamestown                              Leave – 9:30 am

LLBB to Town at 12:30 pm

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9:                Red Day                                                               

School Board Meeting at 7:00 am

Pre-K to Veteran’s Day Program                                                                           Pick-up – 8:40 am

Colony to Town for Veteran’s Day Program

Veteran’s Day Program at 9:00 am (Old Gym)

Volleyball Region Tourney at Ellendale – TBD

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10:                        


Football State Finals at Fargo Dome